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Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

 The study of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics is an integral part of the Humanities offering at Westfield School.  Each year in Key Stage 3 involves studying a unit of work themed around religion, a unit examining philosophical issues and a unit that develops our pupils’ awareness of ethical values and issues.  In this way, we aim to give our girls a broad understanding of these aspects of human life, as well as laying solid foundations for those who want to study the subject at examination level.

At GCSE, we offer the Eduqas specification. Firstly, we familiarise ourselves with Christian beliefs and practices (a compulsory unit of work).  This is contrasted with a study of one other major world religion (either Buddhism or Islam).  The Themes paper challenges students to apply their understanding of religious and non-religious beliefs to contemporary philosophical and ethical issues. These issues are Human Rights, Human Relationships, Life and Death and Good and Evil. 

In the Sixth Form, students specialise in classical areas of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics.  They also engage in a critical study of key aspects of a world religion, usually Buddhism.  Essay writing and the ability to formulate and sustain a reasoned point of view are two of the key skills that have ensured our students’ success at university and beyond.

RPE seeks to foster respect and empathy in our pupils, through lively debate and critical evaluation of a variety of viewpoints.  They are also asked to engage with the subject imaginatively and creatively, ensuring that RPE is at the forefront of the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of a Westfield girl. 


Full details of the course content for GCSE and A level are available from the teacher in charge of RPE.

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