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Access your work from home:


To access your school emails, OneDrive and Office 365, please follow the instructions below and sign in with your school username:

Password is the same as school password


You will be able to access Outlook, OneNote, Word, Excel and PowerPoint and many other useful apps to help you with your schoolwork and homework. 

Any questions or problems, see Mrs Lloyd

Staying Safe on-line

Do you know how to stay safe online?  The following sites will give you lots of advice and ideas on how to stay safe when using the internet. If you are worried or have any problems about something you have seen or read on the internet, go and see your form teacher straight away. If you are at home, tell your parents or another responsible adult.

CBBC Stay Safe 

Sid's Online Safety Guide

Think You Know..  there is lots of information on this site for both parents and children. and

CEOP Reporting Site