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Our pastoral care is second to none. In both Junior and Senior Houses every girl is well known and valued. Progress is carefully monitored.

There are regular reports to parents and parents' evenings. This, combined with our open door philosophy, ensures that the needs of each girl are met.

We are proud of the partnership between home and school with parental involvement at every stage.

In addition to all the academic guidance and support given by individual members of staff, each girl has a Form Tutor who is responsible for monitoring her progress and to whom she can turn for help and advice. Girls are encouraged to consult the Headmistress at all stages.

The Form Tutor group is an important unit within the school, presenting assemblies and enabling girls to assume positions of responsibility from a very early age.

Our 'Big Sister Scheme' provides a valuable link between junior and senior girls and ensures that girls settle quickly into Senior House.

Bullying is virtually non-existent. Any hint of this kind of anti social behaviour is dealt with promptly and effectively. There are no discipline problems within the classroom.

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