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Welcome to our exciting STEM activities page


We hope that you are enjoying taking part in either the Engineering or Forensic Science activity at your school.  At the bottom of this page you can find some 'extra' fun homework or extension activities designed to help you learn more about Engineering/Forensics and also about STEM careers.  You simply need to click on the link to the pack you are working on at school. 

Simply click on the link underneath the image

Enjoy exploring!

 Forensics Picture

Click here for Fantastic Forensics activities

Engineering image

 Click here for our Fantastic Engineering activites


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The Westfield Whizzer - AKA 'Billie'

The Westfield Whizzer - AKA 'Billie'

Our Car Club girls have just returned from Sunderland Greyhound Stadium after completing their mission. Click here  We were really fortunate to win the car club equipment after Upper 3 pupil sub...

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Sep 3

Autumn term 2021 starts for L6 and U3

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