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Our next whole school opening will be on Saturday 30th September 2023

There is no better way to get a feel of the school than to take a tour of the school, meet an speak to our current pupils and staff.

Your daughter may be transitioning from a First School in the area or you may be looking for a school that will help your daughter thrive in a nurturing and creative environment and culture. We look after the whole person and not just their academic progress. 

You may be at the early stages of your daughter's school application journey and looking for better-alternative options that have been made available to you by the state school allocation system.


You can, of course book a personal visit at any point in the year. Simply book directly with the school and arrange a tour (this will be with the Headmaster and/or our own students (they know everything about our school and will give you an honest 'from the student perspective' tour)

 Email or call 0191 255 3980.


Happy, Confident and Successful - find out the secrets to our success.  

Entry points' and 'In Year' entry

Whether you are in the process of applying for your daughter's first school or perhaps looking for a senior school and had never thought of applying to an independent school before, you will learn a lot about how much more we can provide and the potential outcomes for your daughter.

Many of our new entrants come from first, primary or middle schools when parents do not wish them to go forwards into a much larger school where they may run the risk of just being a face in a crowd. At Westfield every girl is an individual and is well known to all her teachers.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements if you are after 'In Year' entry as well.  This is a great opportunity to view the school, meet the staff and pupils. Your daughter may be in the middle of Y9 options, GCSE or going into her A Levels.  We have experienced staff and expertise to guide you through the whole process and ensure that your daughter achieves her full potential.

In order to tailor your visit precisely to your needs, it would be useful for us to know a little about your daughter prior to your visit. This helps to ensure that you get the maximum out of your visit and you can feel assured that you have all the information at your fingertips when it comes to decide.
































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