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Our next whole school opening will be on Saturday 1st October 2022 from 9.30-11.30

October is traditionally a good time to visit, especially if your daughter is coming towards the next stage of her educational journey the year after, e.g joining Year 5 if your daughter is in Middle School or finishing Year 6 and wants to join us in Year 7.

In order to get the most out of your visit, it would be useful for us to know a little about you.

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Your daughter may be transitioning from a First School in the area or you may be looking for a school that will help your daughter thrive in a nurturing and creative environment and culture. We look after the whole person and not just their academic progress. 

You may be at the early stages of your daughter's school application journey and looking for better-alternative options that have been made available to your by the state school allocation system.

You can, of course book a personal visit at any point in the year. Simply book directly with the school and arrange a tour (this will be with the Headmaster and/or our own students (they know everything about our school and will give you an honest 'from the student perspective' tour)

 Email or call 0191 255 3980.


Happy, Confident and Successful - find out the secrets to our success.  

Previous Open Day Summary 

Feedback from parents regarding 'Lockdown Learning'

Due to Covid 19, we were unable to have our traditional open day where we invite prospective parents and pupils for a formal tour of the school. Our last Junior House Open Morning was conducted virtually (see tour videos and feedback from parents below)

Feedback from parents on how we delivered 'Lockdown Learning'

In line with UK Government Guidelines, some parts of the school buildings were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time we have continued to provide a rich and varied programme of timetabled lessons and enrichment activities as well as pastoral support to all of our girls since lockdown started on the 23rd March.  

Our remote learning strategy, we believe is giving the girls the best, most exciting, challenging and varied alternative educational experience possible in these unprecedented times. We have had great feedback from our parents and we are committed to making sure that the learning experience we give the girls is of the highest quality.

'I just wanted to write to let you know how happy we are that Anna is so engaged by her lessons. She's finding the material really interesting, is very motivated and talks regularly in the evening about what she's doing the next day. A physics experiment which involved measuring an ice cube was done twice and she even got up early to come downstairs and record her results ( and was genuinely excited!).

Thankyou all so much for everything - we're so impressed and grateful for all the time and effort being put in by all the teachers and staff to support the girls with their learning at this time.

Please pass on our sincere thanks!'

Parent of Anna in Lower 4/Year 8

'Thanks for everything, it is excellent that the girls are keeping up with their work and doing well from home.' Parent of Libby, Lower 3/Year 7 parent

'Jess has in fact enjoyed some of the benefits of working from home. It has certainly boosted her confidence academically and allowed her to take control, thank you for all your hard work.'  

Parent of Jess Lower 5/Year 10  

'I just wanted to drop a quick note to say a huge thank you for Westfield's response to teaching during this time.

Initially we struggled with home learning but you all listened to our concerns and we have been delighted with your response.

Having Mrs Slack teach and interact with Libby each day has been great, not only for her learning but also her mental health and wellbeing ( and mine too!!)

Likewise, Emma Thompson has been amazing taking Libby under her wing and going above and beyond with support.

Whilst it hasn't been the start we envisaged to our Westfield journey, we are nonetheless delighted that we made the move when we did and know Libby is really benefitting from being with you during this time.

Please pass on our thanks to Mr Walker and everyone else involved and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.'

Parents of Libby in Lower 3/Year 6

'Thank you so much to everyone in Westfield for making these challenging times less stressful for the girls and their surroundings. Siel had amazing support from all her teachers and we cannot thank them enough.'  

Parent of Siel in Lower 5/Year 10

'Can I just say how impressed I have been with the level of care and standard of education the school has provided throughout this pandemic. 

… I can honestly say without the help and support of Westfield I don’t think she would have coped. I can’t praise the school enough for their support in keeping Phoebe engaged and happy whilst still receiving an exceptional standard of home schooling. 

On Sunday morning she packed her school bag as she was convinced Boris was announcing her return to school with immediate effect. Whilst initially upset she has settled back into her routine until such a time comes when she can be reunited with her Westfield family. 

Thank you so much for everything.'

 Parent of Phoebe in Upper 4/Year 9


This tour video will give you a genuine insight of our Junior House.  it was filmed during lockdown with children that have been in school (children of key workers). 

 As lockdown continued in the New Year, our remote learning strategy went from strength to strength, our girls made tremendous progress.  if you are worried about your daughter's education and want to get her back on track, please get in touch.



 click here to watch the tour video.

This tour video will give you a genuine insight of our Junior House.  it was filmed during lockdown with children that have been in school (children of key workers). 

Whatever stage you might be, in your application process, whether it be for a reception or Year 5, we will be happy to arrange or discuss a video call. (until we reach the next stage of the national lockdown roadmap)


The following is a video menu of areas of the school that will give you a flavour of the school. 


Menu of videos

Overview video                                               

This is a celebratory video that captures life at Westfield from EY’s through to Sixth Form

The curriculum                                                 

Deputy Head, Mrs Kate Quinn talks about the educational offering and what you can expect for your daughter’s academic journey through Westfield

Early Years                                                         

Mrs Norma Alexanders talks Early Years and the Westfield ethos that helps prepare girls for KS1 and beyond.            

Head of Junior House Faculty                    

Mr John Drake talks about Junior House including curriculum, outdoor learning and extra-curricular offerings.

Life at Westfield                                              

Anna and Zara (Lower 3/Year 6) pupils give a brief insight into their experiences at Westfield and what the school means to them.

Y7 Form Tutor                                                   

Miss B talks about how we introduce pupils into Year 7 to give them the best start to senior school life.

Sixth Form                                                         

Introduction to Sixth Form

Sport and PE                                                     

Miss B talks about the Sport and PE offering to all pupils from KS1 up to Sixth Form.


Round Square                                                  

Mr Steve Ratcliffe talks about our membership to this international group of schools and the benefits that it has brought to our pupils.




























'Entry points' and 'In Year' entry

Whether you are in the process of applying for your daughter's first school or perhaps looking for a senior school and had never thought of applying to an independent school before, you will learn a lot about how much more we can provide and the potential outcomes for your daughter.

Many of our new entrants come from first, primary or middle schools when parents do not wish them to go forwards into a much larger school where they may run the risk of just being a face in a crowd. At Westfield every girl is an individual and is well known to all her teachers.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements if you are after 'In Year' entry as well.  This is a great opportunity to view the school, meet the staff and pupils. Your daughter may be in the middle of Y9 options, GCSE or going into her A Levels.  We have experienced staff and expertise to guide you through the whole process and ensure that your daughter achieves her full potential.

In order to tailor your visit precisely to your needs, it would be useful for us to know a little about your daughter prior to your visit. This helps to ensure that you get the maximum out of your visit and you can feel assured that you have all the information at your fingertips when it comes to decide.





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