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Calendar with important dates e.g. parents eve, trips and vaccinations 

Junior House Spring Term 2021 Calendar

Junior House Autumn Term 2021 Calendar


Jul 07

Summer term 2022 ends

Sep 06

Autumn Term 2022 - Induction for Lower 6 and Upper 3

Sep 07

Autumn Term 2022 starts for the rest of the school

Oct 17

Autumn 2022 half term starts

Oct 31

Autumn 2022 resumes after half term break

Dec 16

Autumn term 2022 ends

Jan 09

Spring term 2023 starts

Feb 20

Spring 2023 half term starts

Feb 27

Spring 2023 resumes after half term break

Mar 31

Spring term 2023 ends

Apr 17

Summer term 2023 starts

May 26

Summer 2023 half term break

Jun 05

Summer 2023 resumes after half term break

Jul 07

Summer term 2023 ends

The normal school day begins at 8.30am and finishes at 3.35pm.

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Upper 6 Leavers 'Challenge Day'

Upper 6 Leavers 'Challenge Day'

Our Upper Sixth leavers just had one more challenge to complete before they went on exam leave. Watch this amazing video. Upper Sixth Leavers 2022  

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Jul 7

Summer term 2022 ends

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