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Do you have an entrance exam? My daughter is 10 (Year 6)and is shy and does not function well in interview or test situations.

The 11+ entrance and scholarship examination takes place in January of each year for entry for the following September term. Westfield takes pride in bringing out the best in all their pupils, whatever their strengths and weaknesses. Please contact The Headmistress to discuss the examination and interview for your daughter.

At what age do the children start to go on Round Square exchanges, conferences and visits?

Children can join in Round Square activities from Year 6 or 7 onwards and participate up to and including their A Level year.

If my child moves between key years in her education e.g between GCSE and Sixth Form, does the term's notice still have to be in place even though the Sixth Form is a different part of the school?

Yes, a full term's notice in writing is required if your daughter will be leaving at the end of a term, whatever year group she is in.

When are the next scholarship examinations for 11+?

The 11+ entrance and scholarship examinations were held on January 21 2011 for entry to Year 7 in 2011. Please contact the school office for further details 0191 255 3980.

My daughter is currently in year nine at a state school. is it possible to apply for a scholarship for her entering year ten?.

Scholarships are awarded at 11+ entrance in Year 7 and at Sixth Form entrance in Year 12. Scholarships are not offered to girls in Year 10.

Have you got an open day planned at the Senior House in the next few months?

Open Day will be held on Saturday 8 October 2011 from 10.00am - 1.00pm. If you would like to arrange a visit to the school before that date, please telephone Mrs Jokelson on 0191 255 3980.

Do you do a sports scholorship?

A Physical Education Scholarship is available for entry into the Sixth Form. Sixth Form Scholarship examinations will be held during the week commencing 31 January 2011. Please contact Mrs Jokelson in the School Office on 0191 255 3980 for further information.

My daugter is thinking of joining your school but it would be in the middle of the school year. Would that be a problem?

Please contact the school office for further details. 0191 255 3980.

Hi, when I tried to view the policies on the website, it wouldn't direct my page. I tried a few times. So if you could tell me what the policies are on makeup, piercings and hair?

Information on general appearance, uniform, make up, piercings and hair are included in the School Handbook for each year group. Please contact the school office for further details.

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