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Welcome to Westfield School Junior House. I hope that this will give you the opportunity to gain an impression of our school in its lovely building and grounds.

junior houseWe are very proud of the high standard achieved across a broad curriculum at Junior House. Academic work is at the forefront of everything that we do and we have very high expectations of the girls.

However, other aspects of life are also invaluable and we find that confidence gained in one sphere builds greater self-assurance in other areas. We do believe strongly in the value of self-confidence and our small teaching groups mean that we can give the individual attention and encouragement which offers the girls a feeling of security, belonging and belief in their own worth.

We encourage the children's independence and a sense of responsibility for their own learning and behaviour and they rise to the challenge which we offer. The process of learning is more important than the content of the curriculum through which this learning takes place. Hence our curriculum planning for all subjects involves 'information' and 'thinking' skills, problem solving and ICT. This, together with opportunities to take responsibility and to take part in extra-curricular activities, residential visits and outdoor pursuits, offers the girls the chance to develop their independence and self-reliance. We are very proud of the personal development of our girls by the time they leave us to go on to Senior House.

A broad outlook on the world is encouraged through the curriculum and through extra-curricular involvement. Over the last ten years Junior House girls have been selected nearly every year to spend a month in a variety of Children's International Summer Villages ranging from New Zealand to Brazil and Canada. They have gained huge benefits from their experiences as well as much enjoyment. Our involvement with Round Square, an international group of schools, also introduces the children to internationalism, democracy, environmental care and service to the community. Involvement in international exchange has taken place through a Comenius project, backed by the British Council.

We want our pupils to find depth of meaning in daily life, to be an individual but also part of the community with an understanding of responsibility and the consequences of their actions.

We aim to encourage the girls to develop all their talents together with a positive, enthusiastic approach to school life. This stands them in good stead for the future and enables them to realise their full potential. Quite simply, Westfield School Junior House is just a great place to grow and learn!


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