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Inspection Report 2023


Last month we had an unannounced visit from two ISI inspectors to follow up on the inspection report from the summer. Some of your daughters will have been involved in speaking to the inspectors who were here to check that all the correct procedures are in place. Their report then goes to the Department for Education who decides if they are satisfied that we are meeting all the regulations.

I am very pleased to say that the inspectors were very complimentary about Westfield and the work we have done. We are now going above and beyond in all the areas and the DfE accepts that we are fully compliant as a school; all of our relevant procedures have been strengthened and there are extra layers of checks in place with the changes in personnel and staff responsibilities

I attach the latest inspection report, which is very short and, simply shows that we are meeting all the regulations and requirements.

There is a new inspection framework being trialed at the moment which will come into effect this September. It is likely that this will be our last inspection that doesn’t come with a graded outcome but it will probably be about three years until our next inspection visit as we return to the usual inspection cycle.






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