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The full report is attached to this letter, but I would like to take this opportunity to summarise and explain some of the main findings.

We are delighted to report that, in the Educational Quality inspection we were judged to be excellent or good in all categories. “Pupils of all ages achieve well so ensure the fulfilment of the school’s aim of a first-class education with a global outlook.” “Progress benefits from teaching which is characterised by expertise and enthusiasm.”


In the Educational Quality inspection, which is the key area for any school, we are very pleased with the outcome; one sentence encapsulates the overall inspection findings: “throughout the school there is a strong sense of family and togetherness”. 

The Round Square IDEALS, which we espouse in our ethos, were particularly identified as contributing positively to our pupils’ strong development, which inspectors rated as excellent.

I should like to draw your attention to several further highlights from the report:

  • The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.
  • Pupils make strong progress in developing self-confidence, perseverance and self-awareness
  • Pupils make an outstanding contribution to the school and the wider community, fulfilling the school’s ethos and its emphasis upon internationalism
  • Pupils’ very positive attitudes and values are shaped by the strong system for pastoral care and the positive ethos set by the school’s leaders
  • Pupils demonstrate a strong moral framework and an instinctive ability to distinguish right from wrong
  • Pupils develop an increasing spiritual awareness and an attendant appreciation of the non-material aspects of life
  • The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is good
  • Pupils are committed and enthusiastic learners and the norm is to always give of one’s best
  • Pupils’ achievement at GCSE has been above the national average and benefits from individual attention and teaching which is characterised by expertise and enthusiasm
  • Pupils are excellent communicators and are notably respectful and supportive of one another so express themselves confidently
  • Pupils are successful in an extensive range of extra-curricular activities where they achieve well

This report demonstrates that our girls are being given the academic skills and information to fully realise their potential as well as a range of wider opportunities which allow them to be celebrated for their individual talents and achievements. A Westfield education clearly promotes leadership skills, tolerance of others’ differences and a curiosity about the world around them that drives the girls to explore and discover.

As the new Headmaster I am very happy with much of this report, which, I believe, accurately reflects the amazing educational opportunities offered by Westfield.  However, we must always strive for even greater achievement and in the light of the report, I am already exploring ways to improve our teaching still further, adding more challenge to promote resilience both within and outside the classroom.


Pupils have very positive attitudes to study, showing perseverance. Pupils have highly developed self-awareness and are socially mature. Pupils articulate their feelings clearly. Pupils from EYFS upwards are highly respectful of and value greatly the diversity of their own community. Pupil behaviour and attitudes to learning are excellent and pupils of all ages collaborate well and are mutually supportive. Contributory factors to this positive approach to learning are the ethos within the school which is enabled by supportive governance, strong leadership and management and the constructive approach of parents.



“Dear Parents,


I am very pleased to attach a copy of the ISI follow up report after last October’s visit. As is normal, the inspectors wanted to ensure that we have been working towards their recommendations and I am very pleased to tell you that we are fully compliant with all the regulations, including the areas that they had concerns about in the autumn.


This was a much shorter visit than last time, less than a day, and so the attached report is briefer. There is no grading this time, it is simply a case of meeting, or not, each of the statutory requirements. As you read the report you will see the level of detail the inspectors go into.  The report will also be published on the school website.


At the end of their visit, having given us a clean bill of health, the inspectors were very complementary about Westfield as a school.



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