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Within the STEM faculty the subject of Chemistry is thriving. Girls are passionate and enthusiastic about Chemistry. They are encouraged to take an active interest in the material world around them, and discus and explore contemporary issues arising in the field of Chemistry through general media including the Royal Society of Chemistry publications. Girls’ interest and endeavour in the subject are supported throughout their time at Westfield with extra-curricular support provided to examination classes.  

In this year’s inaugural Westfield Science Fair the subject of Chemistry was well represented with a wide variety of subject matter on display. Projects submitted were able to demonstrate and explain ideas on; Electrolysis, Fragrant Chemistry, Plastic Recycling, and chemical Clock Reactions. 

We have an excellent relationship with the Chemistry Department at Newcastle University. A team of lower four girls had the opportunity to take part in the Annual Salters Festival of Chemistry again this year, and next year we will be entering a team to compete in the annual ‘top of the bench’ interschool’s competition for lower five girls. Our upper sixth girls will also visit the university’s spectroscopy department to learn about techniques in Analytical Chemistry. 

Chemistry is very much a practical subject at Westfield and we are proud of our brand new state of the art laboratories which have were newly completed this year. Our new facilities will enable us to teach this subject to its full capability which will intern enable girls to reach their full potential.  


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