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At Key Stage 4, girls continue to study all three sciences, with the option of working towards either GCSE Combined Science or three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Throughout Key Stage 4 we encourage pupils to:

• develop their interest in, and enthusiasm for, science

• develop a critical approach to scientific evidence and methods

• acquire and apply skills, knowledge and understanding of how science works and its essential role in society

• acquire scientific skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for progression to further learning

Our GCSE Science results are consistently excellent, with 32% of girls scoring 9's in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


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Upper 6 Leavers 'Challenge Day'

Upper 6 Leavers 'Challenge Day'

Our Upper Sixth leavers just had one more challenge to complete before they went on exam leave. Watch this amazing video. Upper Sixth Leavers 2022  

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Jul 7

Summer term 2022 ends

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