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  • 100% pass rate in French, German and Spanish GCSE, AS and A-Level
  • High percentage of top grades
  • French, German and Spanish from beginners' level to GCSE, AS and A-level
  • Small groups for maximum language practice
  • Lively methods and materials
  • Many trips or exchanges to France, Spain and Germany

Here are some very good reasons for stuyding a language.

  • It broadens your career prospects. You can work in other countries.
  • It helps you to develop useful, transferable study skills.
  • It makes you more adaptable, creative and insightful.
  • Language graduates tend to earn more and be more sensitive to cultural differences.
    • At Westfield, we encourage every girl to study a language at GCSE unless there are extenuating circumstances. In the languages department we are adept at helping girls to settle swiftly into the language classes in year 7 (Upper 3) - Year 9 (Upper 4), even if they have not studied the language before.

      We are a lively, enthusiastic and very successful department. The small, friendly classes allow girls to take part in challenging but accessible lessons designed to cater for a broad ability range. We aim to make girls proficient in one, usually two and sometimes three languages by the time they leave school.

      We teach Spanish, French, German an Latin in the following combinations. Year 7 (Upper 3) take three lessons in French and one lesson in Latin. Year 8 (Lower 4) and Year 9 (Upper 4) follow a ten week 'slot' carousel system which puts all the languages on an equal footing and is designed to allow for a more balanced and better informed choice.


        Slot 1 - French and German Slot 2 - German and Spanish Slot 3 - French and Spanish

      Westfield follows the AQA specification for both GCSE and A level in all languages.

      All students have access to a native speaker for regular conversation sessions.

      All classrooms are fully equipped with the latest technology, enabling the latest video, audio and IT resources to be used in class.

      At GCSE pupils learn to understand, talk and write about a range of topics including themselves and their family, their town and local area, leisure activities, healthy living and holidays.

      A level students learn about the individual language, culture and society from a variety of sources, with reference to topics such as: the family and relationships, popular culture and the media, healthy living and the environment.

      The department offers visits to study centres in the UK where the day is conducted in the foreign language, as well as visits to Germany, France and Spain to enable girls to put their language skills into practice in real life situations.

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