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Fine Art is a foundation for creativity and self-expression in the Art and Design curriculum. Consistently high results are achieved by students who have the opportunity to develop work that is driven by the personal creative exploration which defines this subject specialism. 

During the course, students develop a depth of knowledge and understanding about specific selected artists and creative techniques. This is in response to a personally selected starting point. In this way breadth of knowledge and technique vocabulary are developed which are instrumental in the development of an individual portfolio of coursework. The experience students gain through this journey helps to define personal project development and creative confidence. An important aspect of this course is to consider the work of artists and designers who help inform a student’s personal work. There are no limitations on who they can research for ideas and inspiration so we foster independence from the start. 

  • At GCSE, our students complete a portfolio of work that evidences the journey from initial experimentation to an extended, creative response resulting in a final Fine Art piece of their choice. 2 projects are developed that constitute the coursework which is worth 60% of the final mark. The externally set assignment arrives in school at the start of the spring term in upper 5 (year 11) and offers several different starting points.  Students select one to focus on producing a further sketchbook project and have 10 hours of supervised time in which to complete the final outcome of their sketchbook research. This is worth 40% of the final mark.
  • A level has a similar format but also includes an additional ‘Written Study’ based on a designer or artist’s work of the student’s own choice. This is submitted as part of the assessed coursework. It must be linked to their work and submitted with all of their sketchbooks and preparatory material. The Coursework element is called the ‘Personal investigation’ and is worth 60% of the final mark. As with the GCSE, an externally set task is initiated at the start of the spring term in upper 6 (year 13) Students select one starting point from the exam paper to focus on, producing a further sketchbook project during the spring term. They then have 15 hours of supervised time in which to complete the final outcome of their sketchbook research. This element is worth 40% of the final mark.  

Girls who study Fine Art have huge flexibility when it comes to creative course application in Further Education. It allows for applications to more specialist areas like Illustration, Architecture or Textile Design. It is also an excellent grounding for subsequent creative career opportunities.  

GCSE: Specification AQA 

A level: Specification AQA 

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