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The vocational focus of this qualification encourages students to develop an understanding of how business works in the real world. They discover the problems and opportunities faced by local, national and international businesses and have the opportunity to organise an enterprise activity.

Emphasis is placed on realistic business contexts throughout. Students develop an understanding of how various business functions such as marketing, finance, human and physical resources work together, as part of a cohesive business. Students are encouraged to take part in practical activities such as planning and running a business or organising an event.

During the programme students will acquire the following range of skills through the study of realistic business contexts :

  • Practical Skills: personal organisation and time management, ICT skills
  • Presentational Skills: producing a business report, making an oral presentation
  • Personal Skills: initiative, creativity, perseverance, willingness to learn and progress
  • Interpersonal Skills: working in teams, discussing problems or issues and leading a team
  • Cognitive Skills: investigative and research skills, problem solving, decision making, using theory to analyse a real organisation, planning a project

The aim of the AS units is to encourage investigation and to support a highly active, student centred approach.

The A2 units require a decision making approach, encouraging students to consider management decisions and their impact on business.

Course Structure
The qualification has an AS/A2 structure. It can take the form of:

  • a Single Award AS GCE (3 units) Units 1 - 3
  • a Double Award AS GCE (6 units) Units 1 - 3, 6 plus two from 4, 5 or 7
  • Unit 1 : Investigating People at Work - External Assessment
  • Unit 2 : Investigating Business - Internal Assessment
  • Unit 3 : Investigating Marking - Internal Assessment
  • Unit 4 : Investigating Electronic Business - Internal Assessment
  • Unit 5 : Investigating Customer Service - Internal Assessment
  • Unit 6 : Investigating Promotion - External Assessment
  • Unit 7 : Investigating Enterprise - Internal Assessment

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