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Open day is a special occasion where we are able to showcase our lovely school to the public. This year, due to Covid we have had to run a more restricted schedule but we are pleased to see so many families come to visit (in person and virtually).

The following is a video menu of areas of school that we hope you will find helpful when making the decision for your daughter. 

Video Menu

Overview video                                               

This is a celebratory video that captures life at Westfield from EY’s through to Sixth Form

The curriculum                                                 

Deputy Head, Mrs Kate Quinn talks about the educational offering and what you can expect for your daughter’s academic journey through Westfield

Early Years                                                         

Mrs Norma Alexanders talks Early Years and the Westfield ethos that helps prepare girls for KS1 and beyond.            

Head of Junior House Faculty                    

Mr John Drake talks about Junior House including curriculum, outdoor learning and extra-curricular offerings.

Life at Westfield                                              

Anna and Zara (Lower 3/Year 6) pupils give a brief insight into their experiences at Westfield and what the school means to them.

Y7 Form Tutor                                                   

Miss B talks about how we introduce pupils into Year 7 to give them the best start to senior school life.

Sixth Form                                                         

Introduction to Sixth Form

Sport and PE                                                     

Miss B talks about the Sport and PE offering to all pupils from KS1 up to Sixth Form.

Round Square                                                  

Mr Steve Ratcliffe talks about our membership to this international group of schools and the benefits that it has brought to our pupils.