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Sunshine in my Pocket

At Westfield School, we recognise the value of inspiring children in every way, whether it be academically, in sport or in the arts.  In addition to this, we place importance on providing valuable nurturing and enrichment opportunities that will support their health and wellbeing, build their confidence and support mental awareness

What is Sunshine in My Pocket?

It's the Westfield version of spreading happiness and promoting wellbeing to KS2 aged girls and boys.  @Mindfulness means we like to share the happiness and we were delighted to be joined by Milecastle Primary School, Archbishop Runcie School and Branton Primary School in Alnwick.

What do the children learn?

Techniques on handling stress and anxiety. 

The benefits of certain types of food, the colours of food.

Using certain smells to help you relax

Exercise and health benefits on mind and body.