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Staff Debate Assembly

Staff Debate Assembly

‘Should we all become vegans?’

The staff presented a fantastic assembly this morning in the style of ‘Mock the Week’ on the subject of veganism. Not only is veganism a hot topic at the moment, this morning’s assembly was to demonstrated the benefits of ‘debate’. Debate brings together the act of reading, thinking and speaking. It encourages quick thinking, sound argument and confident speaking.

In addition, ‘debate’ enhances brain development, increases the capability to problem solve, plan and think critically while helping you think on your feet, keep your emotions in check and improve your personal expression.

Life is rarely black and white so it helps if we can look at topics we are dealing with in an objective manner, expand our world view, become more socially conscious and develop our ability to show empathy.

From the beginning of next term, the girls will be adopting this style of public speaking as part of their form assemblies.

Some highlights from ‘Should we all become vegans?’ debate.


‘Not everyone can afford a vegan diet to get the nutrients they need’


‘What are we going to do with all the livestock we have if we all became vegan?’


‘Do you realise that veganism means NO CHEESE!’


‘Think about our moral responsibility, meat production is cruel to animals’


‘Growing plant based crops uses 20* less land