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Primary Engineer Presentation

Primary Engineer - North East Winner for Year 3 Jessica was awarded her prize at a special function at Sunderland University on Friday 7th June. What is the Primary Engineer Leaders Award Competition? Designed and managed by Primary Engineer® Programmes, it provides an opportunity for pupils to interview engineers about their career paths and motivation, it has evolved into a creative problem solving, literacy and entrepreneurial project which annually involves over 23,800 pupils. As pupils interview engineers and research engineering in general they are encouraged to look at the world around them to find problems an engineered solution could solve. Alongside their annotated drawings an accompanying letter is required to persuade engineers to choose their design to build. Links to The University of Strathclyde, The University of Southampton, Manchester Metropolitan University and UCL annually see these pupil’s dreams realised. Every entry is graded by engineers and educationalists and all entries receive a named certificate. Shortlisted entries form part of the regional public exhibitions and winners are presented with a trophy at a prestigious award's night. The Primary Engineer and Secondary Engineer Leaders Awards are part of Primary Engineer Programmes and the Universe of Engineering. This is a regional competition with over 4000 applicants so it is an absolutely fantastic achievement. In addition to this, 20 other girls have had their inventions shortlisted. Jessica planned and designed a smart speaker communication device to help deaf and mute people. Jessica and her family attended the exhibition with her Y3 teacher and JH STEM Co-ordinator Mrs Meeson, Headmaster Mr Neil Walker and Ms Karen Hammond.