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Math's Festival at The Centre for Life

Our Lower Four girls had an exciting day out at the Centre for Life this week.  They attended the 'Maths Festival' event, which involved lots of different Maths related activities and workshops. 

Highlights were a rocket design workshop, a session in the planetarium learning to navigate using the stars and a workshop about Mobius strips.  The girls even attempted to cut a Mobius bagel during this one, with rather limited success - Lauren's was the best effort, but everyone enjoyed having a go and then eating the bagels afterwards!  The girls also visited a 'Casino' where students from Durham University taught them some impressive card tricks based on different number systems.  The 'Space Maths Trail' was another popular session, where the girls had the opportunity to explore the newly opened Space exhibition.

They particularly enjoyed 'Mission Control', ordering their menu of 'Space food' and learning about how Astronauts are rehabilitated after time in Space.  We rounded off the day with a session on the ice rink, which was great fun and certainly helped the girls to understand the basics of frictional forces. 

Everyone showed lots of resilience despite a few impressive falls and some rather wet clothes!  Overall it was a great day - the girls were a pleasure to take out, and several of the workshop co-ordinators commented on their enthusiasm and engagement with the activities.

Mrs Swift