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The whole school came together today to celebrate the 60th birthday of Westfield. As birthday tradition goes, the girls were treated to a custom decorated Westfield cake at breaktime. The rain managed to stay away as everyone enjoyed a gorgeous BBQ and ice cream out in the grounds. It was lovely to get back to the next stage of being ‘normal’ and look forward to proper assemblies and gatherings that has always been a big part of the Westfield family ethos.

Mr Walker conducted assemblies for each bubble, including one which was streamed live to a second location in school, and explained the history and ethos that started 60 years ago and remains with us today.

'Westfield was set up as a charity. There wasn’t a rich benefactor who bought some land and started a school but a group of parents who all clubbed together, then asked their friends and local businesses for money, to start a charity with the purpose of educating girls. That hasn’t changed and Westfield is still a charity today. We still sometimes get donations from people who want to contribute to a different type of education in Newcastle. At the time, Westfield was unique in offering an all-girls education with an academic background but also an emphasis on creativity and the outdoors. I still think we are unique but other schools have realised what the founders of Westfield knew 60 years ago: that creativity is an important part of all our lives; that getting outdoors and enjoying adventure frees the spirit; and that letting girls explore their skills and talents means that they can unlock so much more potential than merely sitting at a desk and cramming for exams.’

 Westfield Day Video