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A Level Results 2021

Our exceptionally passionate and dedicated teachers have helped to bring outstanding A Level success to all our students.


It was a happy and sunny morning on the lawns of Westfield as everyone celebrated each other’s achievements. For an academically non-selective intake to achieve so highly demonstrates what can be done with the right attitude and being in the right place.


Individual successes include Emily who joined Westfield for the Sixth Form and achieved A*s in Geography and English and a B in Biology. ‘I am heading to Lancaster to read Geography and I am so excited! I love Geography anyway, but Mr Dunn made my lessons so much more interesting and all the extra stuff I did outside the class made me love it even more


Asmaa was Head Girl and has achieved an A* and 3 A’s and is looking forward to taking a year out to gain experience before applying for bio-engineering. ‘I’ve been at Westfield since 2017.   I was having a terrible time at my previous school but I have worked really hard and been given lots of support all throughout my time here; we have all had to overcome some major mental barriers over the last few months but I knew that the teachers were always there for me.   Just knowing that has helped me through’


Hattie, who has only been at Westfield for one year, has achieved an A* in Geography and A’s in Chemistry and Biology.  Hattie said ‘I really didn’t expect these results at all.   I had no sleep at all last night so it hasn’t really sunk in yet.   I haven’t been here very long but it was the best decision to come to Westfield; I was literally failing everything in my previous school, it is very different the amount of support you get here.   I am just so thankful for everything’


Hafsa has been at Westfield since Year 3 and is heading to Newcastle University to read Pharmacy.

‘I am just so thankful for everything.  I’ve worked hard but I don’t think I would have got these grades without the extra support and this includes all the support from teachers that don’t even teach me;  there is always someone I can turn to when I need help. I will look back at my time at Westfield with fond memories’


‘I was really happy and pleasantly surprised with my results, I’m going to Kings College London to study Politics, Philosophy and Law LLB. I’ve been at Westfield since Year 4 and there are just so many highlights! This last year has been hard with the limitations but still so amazing and our teachers have been extremely supportive and caring. The whole environment and experience of Westfield is a massive highlight for me. Romany  


Elly has been at Westfield since Year 10 and has achieved an A*, A and a B.

‘I really cannot thank the school enough; the support here has been endless, especially from my Form Tutor who has always been there for me.  I am really excited to head to King’s College London and begin my Adult Nursing course’


This year 80% of grades were A*- B and all of the girls gained places at their first-choice destinations. Even after a challenging 18 months through the pandemic, all our students completed their courses and have a broad base of subject knowledge to take forward to help them succeed in the next step to their future.




Neil Walker, Headmaster, says

‘I am delighted with everyone’s achievements and I congratulate all the girls, and staff, wholeheartedly for all their hard work and dedication. Westfield allows girls to follow their dreams whether that is Law at a highly prestigious London University, Animal Management at a top agricultural college or a caring degree such as Dentistry, Pharmacy or Nursing by helping the girls to develop their experiences and qualifications to be successful in gaining a place. The Sixth Form Baccalaureate, developed jointly with Newcastle School for Boys, has allowed our Sixth Form leavers to demonstrate to Universities and future employers that they have so much more about them than a handful of high grades; they are articulate, self-confident leaders and team players who have demonstrable independence and the motivation to be successful.’