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Prep@Westfield for girls 8-11

What is Prep@Westfield?


  • Westfield Prep is the new name for our education provision for girls entering KS2 (Year 3, 4, 5 and 6). At Westfield, class sizes are deliberately small so that we can tailor our learning according to the individual, we are able to support girls where necessary or stretch and challenge as appropriate.


What are the key elements to Prep@westfield? What can my daughter expect?


  • There is too much to mention on this FAQ but as we are a small school, we are able to constantly review our provision and make sure we are achieving the right outcomes for your daughter. However, we place an emphasise on outdoor learning, we have specialist forest and beach schools but we try to work outside and use our own environment to meet other teaching objectives too. You will see from the video on our home page, the extent of our outdoor space.


  • Your daughter will access all sorts of benefits which include problem solving, teamwork, leadership, social, emotional and physical well-being


  • Westfield Prep pupils will receive a rich and holistic curriculum that is delivered by a team. Each class will have a dedicated teacher who will deliver their main academic provision and look after their pastoral needs but the Prep team will be supplemented with specialist subject teachers who will take the girls beyond the usual primary curriculum


Preparation for Senior School, what does this mean?

Prep, the name itself reflects the preparation, skills and guidance that we provide for each individual and acknowledge that we do more than a primary or junior school to support this transition.


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