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Early Years Class (3 - 4 years)

Early Years has a welcoming and creative atmosphere and there is a constant buzz of purposeful activity. We aim to broaden the children's experience, excite their curiosity, encourage their individuality and provide opportunities for them to develop happily in all areas.

A stimulating and engaging environment is provided with a wide range of materials and activities within which each child can explore, experiment, plan and make decisions for themselves.

All aspects of children's learning and development are nurtured, from their personal, social, physical, emotional and creative development, to their language, literacy and mathematical skills. Our indoor and outdoor areas are set up so that the children are encouraged to contribute their own ideas and initiate their own learning, ensuring that the interests and needs of each child are followed along their learning journey in the foundation stage.


At Westfield School we understand that each child is an individual and will join us with their own unique strengths, qualities and experiences.  We understand that every child will develop at their own rate and this is especially pertinent at a young age.  

Westfield has established a combined Early Years class of pre-school and reception children which enables us to challenge and support our girls, tailoring our teaching and learning environment to help promote confidence and a lifelong love of learning.



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From January 2020





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