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Teamwork Tama and Communication Cara have been the two Round Square Discovery Heroes that we have been discussing so far.  We work in teams in so many ways in Transition. 

We discussed lots of different kinds of teams and how teamwork makes the dream work!

Experimenting with actions was great fun in the classroom and we understood what Miss McKeating was telling us to do by just her actions and gestures.  We talked about the various ways people communicate today.

Miss Mc Keating set Transition and Lower One a challenge related to our Houses and Homes project, which involved teamwork and plenty of communication too. 

We had to build a house in the classroom using anything in the classroom, but no paper, scisssors, sticky tape or glue!

One team chose the lego and built a great house on a smaller scale.





The other team used many different objects in the classromm and built a house on a larger scale.



Both teams were brilliant and worked well together.