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Sustainability Suki helps us to remember that many things can be reused.  We can take things to charity shops or we can ask people we know if they have any use for them.

Miss King asked Miss McKeating if she would like some of her daughter's old toys, that she no longer used, for Transition classroom.

Of course, Miss McKeating said, "Yes please!" 

Miss McKeating knew they would be loved and cared for and that the girls in Transition would enjoy playing with them, during golden time and free choice time.


 What fun they have had in the short time they have used them so far!


Rosie loved the animals, figures and the animal rescue vehicle.


 She loved the helicopter too.


What was in the bag?  Very exciting!



Look at Sophie all dressed up!



Lower One enjoyed some golden time with Transition after they had completed their topic work activities.



 Lots of laughs and giggles from Lynn and Molly!


Ruby stuck to building with the Lego and made a fantastic dragon.   


Thank you Miss King!