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Our World From My Window

07 November 2012

Junior House Lower Three girls head off to Germany to represent Westfield School on a Comenius project.

After a highly successful British Council Comenius project from 2007 – 2009 which involved some 24 girls travelling to Germany or Turkey over the two years, we have launched our second Comenius project, entitled "Our World From My Window".

The project  involves the whole school in studies related to this very broad, all-embracing topic and in contact with pupils of a similar age in our partner schools, Armin-Maiwald Schule in Monheim-am-Rhein (near Düsseldorf) in Germany and L’Ermitage, École de France in Maisons-Laffitte (near Paris) in France. The Lower Three group were part of the visiting delegation.


The first international visit tookplace in November, from 8 - 12, at Armin-Maiwald Schule. Many of the staff of this school were involved in the last Comenius project with Westfield. The visit involved a day in school, a day all together on a local trip and one day staying wholly with the members of the host family, who usually arrange some sight-seeing or sporting activity.

Our young delegates had a wonderful adventure on their visit to Germany and can't wait to go off travelling again and meet up with their new friends on the next Comenius project.




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