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Kay Errington jets off to South Korea

20 July 2012

Lower Three pupil Kay Errington represents Westfield at CISV.

Kay went to South Korea on 20 July for a four week stay with the Children's International Summer Village programme.  She travelled with three other 11 year olds from the UK and stayed with a host family in South Korea as well as staying at the Village Camp.  She joined children from up to 12 different countries around the world.  Kay thoroughly enjoyed the art and craft activities, playing a variety of games, learning and teaching the other children songs and dances as well as learning a little of the different languages. 

CISV's purpose is to prepare individuals to become active and contributing members of a peaceful society.  CISV endeavours to stimulate the lifelong development of amicable relationships, effective communication skills, co-operative abilities and appropriate leadership towards a just and fair world. 

This was a fantastic opportunity for Kay and one she will remember for many years to come.

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