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Congratulations to The Westfield Association on a fantastic Camellia Ball

03 July 2012

Another triumph for The Westfield Association.

A message from Mrs Dawn Wilson, Chairman of The Westfield Association Can I just say an enormous thank you to all who helped out with the Camellia Ball.  Clearing up, setting up, donations, admin, organisation, selling tickets and helping on the night and everything else (too much to mention!).  The feedback we have received has been amazing.  I cannot believe that we all pulled it together and got the show on the road with all the obstacles we had (atrocious weather included!) Westfield staff, parents and girls are made of stern stuff! Even with soggy shoes, everyone looked full of fun and laughter and the good news is there were several people who said they would help next year which should lighten the load!  As more hands make light work.  How we are going to top this year’s Ball, goodness knows!  Main priority is to spread the word about how great it was to ensure we get even more happy people next year!  Please keep following us on twitter & facebook to keep up with what’s going on. Have a lovely summer everyone and relax!  Next year we should be all refreshed and full of beans. See you at our first Committee meeting of the new term, Monday 10 September at 6.00pm. Come and join us – it's loads of fun. We are looking forward to lots of new faces! Best wishes, Dawn Wilson.

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