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Ellie Bindman is over the moon!

11 June 2012

Ellie wins her dream place at the Italia Conti School.

Ellie Bindman, aged 12, in Upper Three, has been offered a place at London's prestigious Italia Conti School of Performing Arts to begin in September. Ellie is "over the moon and back again" at having such an amazing opportunity and can't wait to start her new timetable of singing, acting and dancing lessons each morning then academic studies in the afternoon. "No more hockey" she observes with a grin. Ellie, who has a busy life already in films, will be moving down to London."Westfield School has been a brilliant launch pad for me" says Ellie. "The music and drama department are fantastic and have built up my confidence so that I was able to believe in myself, and in my ability. I was auditioning on the day with a girl playing Mathilda in the west end, and another from Billy Elliot, but I just thought "go for it, you CAN do it", and my audition went like a dream. I still can't quite believe it!"   For the audition Ellie had to present three different dance disciplines, two contrasting acting pieces and a song, plus various academic tests and interviews. Well done, Ellie.  We wish you every success at Italia Conti.

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