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The school participates in the very Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award. This forms part of our 'Service' ethos and this year the focus is centred on the following phrase

'‘Be the Change You Want to See’, ‘Empowering Young People to Change their Community’ 



More about the Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award

The Archbishop of York Youth Trust was established by Dr John Sentamu, the 97th Archbishop of York, in 2009. The Youth Trust is founded on Christian values and is inclusive to all in its ethos and activities. We believe that every young person is unique, of great worth, and has the potential to change our communities for the better. We exist to empower young people to serve their generation, putting the needs of others before themselves, as displayed in the life of Jesus and people from many faith traditions.


Mission of Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award

As a charity, we partner with schools, churches and communities to develop opportunities for young people to grow in:






" Never before has it been so important for our young people, regardless of their background or faith, to discover the life skills of compassion, patience, self-control, gentleness and leadership. The Youth Trust is helping to raise a generation motivated by such virtues. Our work with schools enables young people to fulfil their individual potentials, develop key skills, and, through

youth-led social action, foster a desire for justice that will transform lives and communities."

Archbishop Sentamu

The Archbishop of York


The charity works with schools like us to :

Build pupils leadership skills and charactter

Grow confidence, teamwork, resilience and care for others

Empower pupils to serve their communities


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