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Beau-FlorenceAva and Evatulip petalsBeau-Florence and RosieCharlotte12The summer term is the perfect time to explore the natural world and to enjoy the changing seasons.

In Early Years we are investigating the life-cycle of frogs, butterflies and plants and we are learning about growth and changes over time.

We are observing our little caterpillars with great excitement and we can’t wait for butterflies to emerge in a few weeks.  Our school pond has had a bumper crop of tadpoles this year, some of which are now temporarily housed in a tank in our classroom.

The girls have planted a range of fruit and vegetables and we are looking forward to harvesting them in the autumn.

 Our focus in number work this half term is concerned with building numbers beyond ten using a wide range of practical resources to fill ten frames.  We are comparing amounts and exploring number bonds.


We are counting in multiples of ten and we are beginning to understand “How many is 100”.  ‘CBeebies Numberblocks’ is a wonderful resource to help consolidate an understanding of number for young children.  Children gain a great deal from playing board games such as snakes and ladders as well as manipulating small objects, reasoning and comparing amounts and using mathematical vocabulary within everyday activities.  Cooking, gardening, sorting socks, talking about time and events are all very rewarding activities.  Number rhymes are a particularly enjoyable way to introduce mathematical concepts to the younger members of the Early Years.

If possible please encourage your daughters to engage in mark-making and writing activities at home.  Make a shopping list, label drawings, add a caption to an art work, make a map or a plan but whatever you do don’t forget to make it fun!