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Mission Possible!

 Mission impossible

We have been writing spy stories using our imagination. We have been creating characters and developing gadgets to help our heroes find out Whodunnit!

Mission Possible Spy Polly Powers


Over Lockdown in English, Lower Two started reading a book called Mission Possible. It is about two twins called Pete and Polly Powers, who are secret spies. They have to find a stolen mirror, called the “Yata No Kagami”, which is on a river boat on the Thames, and return it to the Japanese Embassy. We designed our own special spy gadgets for characters to use. When we got back to school, we started making our own spy stories based on Mission Possible. I loved this so much that I dressed as Polly Powers for World Book Day!

By Elva 

 ELva gadget


Writing 4


In English we have been learning about writing stories. You start by building up the story and then introducing new characters into the problem. It has been really fun and I have enjoyed making up my own characters. My own favourite characters that I have made up are the twins called Henry and Emily and they undercover spies who live a secret life! They live on a farm and they have lots of different animals there.

They have to go to Spain to find out the baddy as well as juggling going to school and be spies. You will have to read my story which is called ‘The Super Spy’ to find out more about this adventure. Click on the link at the bottom.

Thank you for reading my article by Lily 

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