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Meerkat Madness

After watching a short animation about mischievious meerkats, the girls composed a piece of work of their choosing. You can watch the clip here - Click here to 'Catch It'

Radio Report by Elva

Elva report


Catch It by Freya


“Uuuuuhhh” yawned Mickey Meerkat blinking in the soft sunlight. 

“Morning Mickey it’s the rugby match today!” said Minnie Meerkat excitedly. 

“Yes!” shouted Marmajuke Meerkat “I can't wait!” 

“We should get the ball before Vuzu the vulture does.” suggested Miska Meerkat. 

“Yes, we should hurry.” replied Marmalade Meerkat.  

“Well let us go then!”   shouted Max Meercat.  

The little meerkats went out of their hole and went to get the ball that was hanging high above on a tree right in front of their noses. 

“Just grab it Mark!” shouted Mary Meercat. 

“Oh no Vuzu the vulture is coming, everyone hide quickly!” screamed  Mark Meercat. All the meercats  ran back into the hole as Vuzu the vulture landed on the branch of the tree with the fruit on it. He stretched out his claw and grabbed the fruit  in a blink of an eye he was gone. All the meerkats were shocked. 

“Let's go get that!” shouted Mini Meercat.  

“Yeah!” shouted all the meerkats.  So all the meercats ran after  Vuzu the vulture and their ball.