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Westfield has become one of only three schools in the North-East to become a part of the UNESCO associated schools network.

UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) aims to eradicate poverty and build peace through education, the sciences, culture and communication.

In a recent interview, Steve Ratcliffe who led our efforts to be recognised by UNESCO, said:

"It's such an honour to have the opportunity to join UNESCO. It is anticipated that students from all year groups will take advantage of UNESCO associated schools membership to develop cross-curricular links within school and with other UNESCO associated schools."

"We are eager to take the UNESCO ideas and use them to teach the girls about the global concerns and cultural issues affecting the world today."

"As well as becoming part of the UNESCO community, Westfield School is also a member of Round Square, an organisation which also promotes understanding and education among its carefully selected worldwide membership. We have been members of Round Square since 1991 and this puts us in a completely unique position, as we are currently the only school to be a member of both organisations. We hope that our new association with UNESCO will help to raise our international profile even further and work with many more schools around the world."

Westfield pupils have already been involved in service projects in India, Kenya, Thailand and Costa Rica over the last five years. UNESCO works with 8,000 schools in 175 countries across the world in order to help children everywhere receive basic education.

UNESCO, said: "We were very impressed with the application which Westfield School put forward and hope that, with our support, they will be able to continue the good work they have already been carrying out.

"We believe that Westfield is perfect for our school-linking scheme and we are sure that they will both teach and learn a lot from the partner school they will work with."

Students from Lower Five and Upper Five will have the chance to visit our partner school, St Cyprian's in Cape Town, South Africa and learn more about the life of their students and the challenges they face.