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Biology AS/A2

This is a very popular subject at A level, with many students going on to take Biology or related degrees at university. In recent years girls have gone on to study Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Psychology. We are especially proud of a student who graduated in Natural Sciences from Cambridge with the top mark in her year.

To encourage an enthusiasm for the subject beyond the specification we subscribe to journals including New Scientist and The Biological Science Review.

We are lucky enough to be close to the Centre for Life and Newcastle University so that we can take advantage of the specialist facilities and workshops provided by these world-renowned institutions.

To help our students obtain the best possible examination grades we offer holiday revision classes in school.

This year's examination results have been outstanding with 60% of students obtaining an A* grade, and for the second year running a student has gained full marks in all four theory modules.

Psychology AS/A2

This subject is a very popular subject at both AS and A level, with girls regularly going on to take psychology at university.

The course follows the OCR specification. In the lower sixth students examine fifteen studies in depth and learn about psychological research techniques, approaches and perspectives. In the upper sixth there are option modules in Health, Sport, Forensic and Educational Psychology . The students study two of these and also learn more about psychological methodology and approaches.

This year's examination results were excellent - 100% pass rate, with 50% of students gaining A*-B grades.