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GCSE Results 2017

24 August 2017

Another year of outstanding results!

Congratulations and well done to all of our girls with their GCSE results, especially with the new style grading system for Maths and English Literature, all the staff have been on hand to explain to the girls exactly what the figures mean and what to do next.

The girls have achieved absolutely fantastic results and I am extremely proud of them, 88% achieving A* to C (9-4) grades with 34.4% of them achieving the top A* to A (9-7) grades - the quality of top grades achieved overall has been outstanding.
In addition to this, it was great to see that the top results were achieved in a huge variety of subjects, not just our core subjects like English, Maths and Sciences;  with A* results in Japanese and Arabic.  Westfield School has achieved great results year on year but its our ability to offer a diverse range of subjects and produce outstanding results is what makes this school special. 
Catherine Jawaheer, Headmistress

Interview with pupils, Molly Wilson and Sarah Hall 

I was just desperate to come in this morning, I wasnt nervous but I am so chuffed with my results, I couldnt believe it when I first looked in the envelope but I did so much better than I expected, I got 3 As in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, so this sets me up well for the A Levels I am going to take in September. I am also so happy with English Literature, after my mock exams I received lots of additional support and all the extra work I did, its all paid off. Molly Wilson 

I am so happy with my results, especially with English Literature and Maths, I was really worried about my maths but my teachers really helped me and provided me with lots of extra support, I am going on to do Maths, Textiles and Art Graphics at A Level. My mum has been really nervous as well, shes really pleased, happy and relieved for me, we cant wait to go out and celebrate tonight. Sarah Hall

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