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Westfield Senior House achieves Eco-School status .

22 September 2009

Westfield Senior House gained official recognition as an ‘Eco-School’ and has been awarded a special environmental prize known as The Green Flag - the first secondary school in the North East to achieve this!

Westfield has always fostered an environmental ethos so carrying out environmental projects and forming a dedicated Eco-Club called ‘Cool Planet’ which meets every week was a natural progression.
One of the first projects the club took on, was to try to reduce our energy emission by making signs for every classroom to remind pupils and staff to turn off lights and computer monitors after use. We then looked at recycling and provided paper recycling bins for each room which are emptied by form Eco Representatives into a paper skip which we now have in the car park.
We carried out a larger scale project in the school grounds to encourage biodiversity by creating an ‘outdoor classroom’. This involved planting insect attracting plants such as buddleias and fruit trees and allowing the grass to grow wild. We built a bug hotel to provide a habitat for insects and hibernating animals and a log pile to encourage decomposers to broaden the ecology in this area.
Similar work was carried out at Hadrian School and Gibside School by groups of girls during Activities Week.

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