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Comenius Projects

Architectural influences

Greek Temples

Temples with captions

Fairy Tale Project

Les Adventures de Lapin

This traditional tale was told in French with the pupils singing in French too.

Fairy Tale Imagery

The pupils learnt how story illustrations show their view of the world and then produced their own fairy tale images. Beautiful paintings, collages, models of fairies, wonderfully crafted fairy masks, images of fairy folk as well as fairy tale castles, wicked witches and amazing creatures were all made by the pupils.

The view from our window

Our Early Years pupils have spent a great deal of time investigating what is outside their window and who lives and works in their community.

Looking at the Seasons through our windows

The 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch'

Girls were horrified to learn of the huge, swirling mass of plastic soup known as the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch', situated in the middle of the Pacific around the Midway Islands, north west of Honolulu. The girls produced Powerpoint presentations detailing their research and wrote Haiku poems contrasting the beauty of the oceans with the dangerous collection of plastic waste and debris found in the Pacific Ocean.

Haiku Poems

The world from our window

The view from our window extends to the wider world so care of the environment includes our own school grounds, our locality and a also the wild parts of our world. On Thunderous Thursday, a charity day, we raised over £600 for the RSPB Harapan Rainforest Appeal. All the girls and staff dressed as 'Our Forest Friends', including tigers, bears, badgers and rabbits and a few fairies and elves! We also had some fun and games in the afternoon and ate lots of cake!

Our animal friends

The Big Tidy Project

Junior House took part in a service project on Tuesday 7 May, litter picking in Gosforth Central Park and the Exhibition Park. This is part of the school's commitment to Environmental Education, teaching our youngest pupils how to be caring citizens and ensuring that the view from the community's window is a pleasant one. We were assisted by the Parks Department but we were supplying voluntary assistance as the cleaning of parks has been massively cut back by Newcastle City Council to save money. Gosforth Central Park was particularly in need following the warm Bank Holiday and we were thanked by a number of Gosforth residents who regularly visit the park's play area mid-week with their children and grandchildren. Westfield Junior House has, for the third time, gained Eco-Schools Green Flag status, for education in sustainability and practical action.

Looking at our 'Locality'

The North Eastern Counties of England have their own distinctive and traditional forms of dance.

The old counties of Durham and Northumberland are the home of Rapper. Five men, linked ny short, double handled strips of spring steel, move at high speed weaving the fiver 'rappers' through knots and patterns. The rappers, often referred to as swords, are tied into a star and held on high, sometimes at the beginning and always at the end of the dance.

Many early mining villages and North Eastern coastal communities had such a dance. Many 'traditions' were failing by the turn of 1900's. Some, noted by such men as Cecil J. Sharp, continued as 'revived' traditions. A few continue as 'received' traditions, passed down by word of mouth, often though families and named after the villages of their origin.

Westfield School Junior House girls were delighted to watch the traditional Rapper Dancers from the North East Collieries area. The girls produced a star for the rappers and then tried out the dance for themselves.

Junior House girls explore Europe!

Buenos Dias, Guten Tag, Bonjour, God Dag, Buongiorno, Bom Dia, and Goedendag are all greetings that pupils have been using during our European study week. Each year group studied the language, food, products, culture and customs of a different EU country, producing displays, artwork, leaflets and posters. Making the most of the international students in the school, information was supplied and visits were made by parents from Holland, Germany, Sweden and Portuguese speakers from Brazil. On the final day vertical age groupings, dressed as tourists, travelled from one classroom to another. They gathered information, tried different foods, tried out the language and had their passports stamped, the older children helping the younger ones to understand and with practical tasks such as craft activities.

Travel and Transport

Lower Three made a study of Travel and Transport, the problems caused by pollution and the new technologies which will help to reduce pollution and carbon emissions. They travelled to a challenge day at the Nissan car factory in Washington. There they learnt about clean technology and the electric car being made by Nissan, the Leaf. They then had a tour of the assembly line. Later, in school, they tried their hand at designing vehicles as part of the Primary Engineering Challenge.

Powerpoint Presentation

Historic forms of Transport

Examples of work by our 5and 6 year old girls in the Transition Class studying historic forms of transport. A visit to Hartlepool Historic Quayside inspired their work.